Helping children keep active

There is a lot of concern that children’s activity levels should be higher.  In 2009, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) produced guidance on promoting activity in children (, and the Department of Health launched its campaign, Change4Life, aimed at families as well as adults (

Activity in Children

In 2010, the NHS East of England, EEDA, ERDF and the Technology Strategy Board funded EcoRoute to help promote activity amongst children. There is concern that levels of obesity among children are rising.  Already, a third are either obese or overweight.  Exercise and a healthy diet not only help children maintain an optimum body weight.  They are essential for general health and physiological development.  In addition, children with lifestyles that involve plenty of exercise have a firm foundation for habits of exercise as they grow older.  And they give themselves a better chance of good health as adults.

We are developing products for children that are designed to be attractive and fun to use – and to stimulate children to exercise more.

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